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Born in Jerusalem Israel in 1965. Live in Israel 

Masters degree from The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in the dance composition track.

B.A  in contemplative psychology from Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado.


My long involvement with embodiment has four streams of manifestation:

  • Practicing/exploring

  • Teaching

  • seeing clients as a somatic therapist/ body-worker

  • Artistic performance


I teach:

  • Body-Mind Centering® - BMC an embodiment approach that involves experiential anatomy and developmental movement.

  • Dance/movement improvisation and contact improvisation

  • FoldUnfold Qigong.


Since 2011 I've been developing and teaching the practice I call

FoldUnfold Qigong & movement. It arises from an interface of traditional Qigong principles, Body-Mind Centering and my own bodymind.


Over the years I've also trained and taught in the following embodiment traditions: yoga, seishin kitaido, authentic movement and contemplative dance practice.


I see clients as a somatic therapist and body-worker. The main modalities I use are Zen Shiatsu and Body-Mind Centering (BMC).


My artistic expression is as a dancer, performing physical improvisation.


Relevant professional titles:

Certified Body-Mind Centering® practitioner  (The school for Body-Mind Centering® Amherst Massachusetts, 2002)

Certified Shiatsu practitioner (London collage of Shiatsu, 1994).

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