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FoldUnfold Qigong & Movement

FoldUnfold Qigong and movement is a physical practice grounded in the traditional Qigong context of slow movement performed repeatedly, uaualy while standing, with presence of mind, emphasising the relationship of one's center to the earth and space.

The actual movements were discovered through a personal explorative research informed and inspired by the  experiential anatomy and developmental movement system known as Body-Mind Centering® - BMCsm

Eny possible movement or position can be seen as a combination of moving towards center – folding, and away from center – unfolding, in differnt joints and planes of the body, hence foldunfold as one word. FoldUnfold  defines 4 basic patterns each of which is a movement between two polar positions. Each pattern is the basis for many variations that are explored. The four patterns manifest archityplal movements, each with its definate taste and qualities. The movements are very simple, basic and natural and therefore hold deep “secrets”. Secrets because as the Qigong saying goes “The ordinary is the extraordinary.” No need for fancy movement though fancy is great too. It is paying attention to a simple natural action over time which opens the mind and body to the deep essences of action and being.

FoldUnfold teaching offers a new and concrete theoretical and experiential understand of yin and yang in human movement.

The study of FoldUnfold reveals in detail the connection and continuity between joint positions ,energy (qi) quality, personal experience, functionality and comunicative gesture. In it's large scope it is relevant to the performing arts and the general understanding of human movement.

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